Hold On, I'm Growing Stickers

Hold On, I'm Growing Stickers

£1.00 - £4.00

These new, beautiful stickers will look amazing on your laptops, phone cases, diaries, notepads and just about anything else that you can stick a sticker to!

Available as a full set or choose the ones you'd like

There are 4 beautiful stickers to choose from:

Pinky Promise?
Holding Flower
Holding Butterflies
Growing Heart

Vegan Friendly ✓
Vibrant ✓
High Resolution ✓
Glossy ✓
Permanent ✓
Splashproof ✓

Size (approx, may vary slightly):
Pinky Promise? 3.6cm x 6.2cm
Holding Flower - 6cm x 2.5cm
Holding Butterflies - 4.2cm x 5.3cm
Growing Heart - 6.1cm x 2.9cm

Share pictures of your order using the hashtag #MadeByGeorgiaMai and tagging @MadeByGeorgiaMai to be in for a chance to receive special offers and discount codes

*Colours may vary from screen to physical print due to lighting settings, don't worry though, they still look fantastic*

**These stickers are splashproof, not waterproof, so do not rub when wet as you could damage the sticker design**

Hold On, I'm Growing Stickers Image 2
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